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==> Dr A: "Accidentally" drop papers regarding 1067 within reach of 688 on one of your test runs. Leave immediately as she gets ahold of them.

As soon as the papers hit the floor and the doctor didn’t immediately bend to pick them up, she assumed that it had to be another one of their silly tests. After all, none of these little fuckers could keep their eyes off of her for even a second, their faces full of naked fear and apprehension that had become little more to her than a running gag that had gotten stale. How could they have missed it? That doctor must have dropped them on purpose, because as she bent down and swiped them up between her fingers and as she casually made her way towards her bed, slipping them into one of the magazines she’d been given, she heard no sudden exclamation of protest. Only the innocuous, worthless boot-clopping and hushed speaking of the changing of the guards and the sound of the doctor’s shoes dying away into quiet as they left the ward.

Definitely a test. Otherwise the fuckers were just getting sloppy, and it would only be a matter of time before she was free to do as she pleased. With a heavy sigh that was little more than for show, she leaned back against the cushioned wall and drew her legs up onto the bed, crossing them in a full lotus position that always seemed to baffle the inflexible little fucks. Once she’d made herself comfortable, she opened up the magazine and casually began to skim over the papers inside, deciding to indulge the little shits by reading whatever trash they’d dumped on her floor.

Of course, her skimming quickly came to a halt when she picked-out the Chinese characters for ‘the Eternally Forgotten Emperor, born of Sin.’ At that, her lips peeled back like paint on a burning building, leaving behind rows of sharp, ivory-white teeth, and she began to read the document from the beginning, devouring every word.

Haha, these papers were describing her little darling! When she caught the date of discovery she was somewhat disappointed that they had unearthed him from his tomb so soon - after all, she had only left him that way because she knew what centuries of sleep could do for his strength. She had hoped for him to emerge some time THIS century, vibrant and powerful unlike any before him… But still, from what she was reading now, it looked like he had grown more than enough from his hibernation. He had always been impressive, but now he was truly something incredible.

She tilted her head and licked at her lips softly, her amber gold eyes gliding over lines of text more impatiently now, seeking out one simple word: Location.

When she found it, three pages in and written alongside her OWN location, planned-out and described in detail so that the two of them should never be closer to one-another than the maximum distance allowed by their facilities, she was suddenly sure that these humans were complete idiots.

After all, if they meant to cross the stars against two lovers, they ought to have put them in different facilities entirely. He was only so many wards away, with only so many warm and perfectly cleavable bodies between them.

Krauka’s isolated ward started to echo with the sounds of her laughter.

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